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My Top 5 Treat List : Dell Inspiron 13 Giveaway Organized by Nuffnang & Dell!

Get a load of the Inspiron 13 from Dell. It’s new. It’s sleek. It’s a delightful treat for netizens like you. Best of all, it could be yours if you talk about it on your blog.

Nuffnang in collaboration with Dell is giving away three Inspiron 13’s to Nuffnangers who take part in this contest! Taking part in this contest is as simple as doing the following:

1 .Write a blog post titled ‘My Top 5 Treat List’ and share with us what you’d like to treat yourself, be it a shopping extravaganza at Milan, a holiday in Hawaii, a brand new car and etc.

2. Share with us why the Dell Inspiron 13 should belong in your Top 5 Treat List.

3. Send in an email to dellinspiron13@nuffnang.com along with your name, email address and a permalink of the blog post. If we think your blog entry ranks among the three most creative, you’ll be the proud owner of an Inspiron 13 very soon!

This special treat ends on 10th November 2009

** mencuba nasib....teruja tgk Kak Ina KL dapat hadiah Blackberry !Dia masuk contest dalam Nuffnang gak tu..

2. Share with us why the Dell Inspiron 13 should belong in your Top 5 Treat List.

My Top 5 Treat List

1.Our own house

2.A four wheeled-drive car (i'm thinking of Nissan X-Trail or Toyota Hilux-been driving office's Hilux,i feel macho when driving it hahaha) or a Toyota Wish (the price make me go ga ga ga , gulp!)

3.Holiday in Paris, China & London with my family

4.My own photography studio(I love photography so much!)

5.Dell Inspiron 13 laptop

Why Dell Inspiron 13 laptop should be in my treat list?

I already own a laptop before, but i am sharing it with my husband.Both of us are active bloggers and we take turns to use the laptop.Before this, I do not feel so obliged to own a laptop.But now since I my work always keep me on the move, I feel indeed I do need one!I used to miss my blogging activity(sigh) when I'm on outstation because i didn't have a laptop with me .

Laptops standard colour which is usually in matte black seemed gloomy & too serious for my cool(ahem!) momblogger style.. With Dell Inspiron 13, I can choose between Alpine White, Obsidian Black and Cherry Red designs, to show my cool and cheerful identity.It is also quite light in weight(1.8kg)compared to standard laptop which weigh 2.0kg & above.And I can always stay connected with its enhanced wireless supports up to 802.11n connections,plus the Dell™ Webcam Central which can let me video chat with my beloved husband & see my lovely 7 months daughter eventhough I'm far way from home!

I would be lucky if i own a Dell Inspiron 13 which have sleek,colourful designs & elegant look.I would even be luckier if I'm chosen to be among 3 winner of this give away!Thank you Dell & Nuffnang for organizing this giveaway!

I will be much happier travelling outstation knowing i can see both my beloved!wink wink!

Yes, there is more.You can use this coupon code 7ZQVQF2RLZRKW3 from Dell that would allow you ,(all my friend who reads this blog!) to purchase of a Dell Inspiron 13 (S510701MY) with RM100 Instant Cash Redemption!!. This promotion is only available online or by calling Dell at 1800-88-0301. This coupon code expires on 10th Nov 2009. So, hurry up, grab this opportunity and give a big treat for yourself!

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