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Breastfeeding doll?Appropriate or not?

Something i found from my friend, Mama Miya's. Sangat-sangat interesting.Bebe Gloton breastfeeding doll ni buatan Spanish dan bertujuan menggalakkan atau promote breastfeeding knowledge pada kanak2. Bila aku search lagi dlm internet, the name Bebe Gloton bermaksud "Gluttonous baby".Gluttonous berasal daripada perkataan Glutton atau Gluttony yang bermaksud meaning to gulp down or swallow, means over-indulgence and over-consumption of food, drink, or intoxicants to the point of waste. In some Christian denominations, it is considered one of the seven deadly sins—a misplaced desire of food or its withholding from the needy.Dalam erti kata lain, gluttony lebih kepada definisi "pelahap".(Juga termasuk dalam Seven Deadly Sins in Christianity).Aku terfikir..ape yang manufacturer ni nak sampaikan kepada kanak2?Ok, I'm open to the idea of promoting BF tapi the name Glotton @ Gluttony?Ape yang nak disampaikan tu?Takde name lain yang lebih cute atau proper ke?Btw, BF doll ni belum ade kat mane2 kecuali kat Spain jek ..kot2 la ade yang mencari kat kedai lak nanti heheh!

Lagi pandangan orang ramai dalam FOX news:

A controversial new doll is leaving some parents wishing for the good old Cabbage Patch days.

A Spanish toymaker known as Berjuan has developed a breast-feeding doll that comes with a special halter top its young "mothers" wear as they pretend to breast-feed their "babies." The halter top has daisies that cover the little girls’ nipples and come undone just as easily as the flaps of a nursing bra would.

The doll — called Bebe Gloton, which translates as “gluttonous baby” — makes sucking noises as it "feeds."

Like many other dolls, Bebe Gloton can cry, signaling she wants more milk.

Although many health care providers promote the benefits of breast-feeding, parents around the world have criticized Berjuan, saying the idea of breast-feeding is too grown-up for young children -- and may even promote early pregnancy.

"That's not cool," Lori Reynolds, of El Paso, Texas, told KFOXTV.com. "No, I would never get that for mychild."

But other moms said they support the product.

"I think that it’s great that people want to have a doll that promotes breast-feeding,” said Rose Haluschak, also of El Paso. “Most dolls that are purchased come with a bottle. That is the norm in society, an artificial way to feed your baby.”

Dr. Manny Alvarez, managing health editor of FOXNews.com, said although he supports the idea of breast-feeding, he sees how his own daughter plays with dolls and wonders if Bebe Gloton might speed up maternal urges in the little girls who play it.

“Pregnancy has to entail maturity and understanding,” Alvarez said. “It’s like introducing sex education in first grade instead of seventh or eighth grade. Or, it could inadvertently lead little girls to become traumatized. You never know the effects this could have until she’s older.”

Alvarez said breast-feeding reduces childhood infections, strengthens maternal bonding and increases the child’s immune system. But introducing breast-feeding to girls young enough to play with dolls seems inappropriate, he said.

“What’s next?” wrote Eric Ruhalter, a parenting columnist for New Jersey’s Star Ledger. “Bebe Sot — the doll who has a problem with a different kind of bottle, and loses his family, job and feelings of self-worth? Bebe Limp — the male doll who experiences erectile dysfunction? Bebe Cell Mate — a weak, unimposing doll that experiences all the indignation and humiliation of life in prison?

"Toy themes should be age appropriate. I think so anyway.”

Jom tgk video ni..ridiculous and improper or revolutionary and cute?

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Sitisifir10 berkata...

Ishk..kalau saya, saya tak beli kot mainan ni untuk anak2 saya...bukan sbb mahal tapi sbb2 yang tak reti nak luah dengan perkataan...bolehkah jika dikatakan 'malu melihat anak dara sendiri menyusu'

** Perfect Love ** berkata...

saya rasa tak sesuai. nak galakkan breastfeeding pd ibu.. bukan diterapkan paa anak2... Entah lerrr

mamaaerish : berkata...

cam x leh terima la... tapi kalo yg bagi baby susu dari botol tuh ok... cam best jer tgk... :)

mamaaerish : berkata...

cam x leh terima la... tapi kalo yg bagi baby susu dari botol tuh ok... cam best jer tgk... :)

mamaaerish : berkata...

cam x leh terima la... tapi kalo yg bagi baby susu dari botol tuh ok... cam best jer tgk... :)

mummy_ayu berkata...

comel anak patung tu..bab bf doll???? tak sesuai la..kalu botol tu ok la..setuju dgn komen yg lain lain..

paij188 berkata...

I think it's really creepy! Budak kecik2 main patung breastfeed macm tu. Macam menggalakkan youngsters get pregnant and breastfeed at a really young age. Manufacturer or designer doll ni pun macam pervert jer!! Nau'zubillah!

temp. housewife berkata...

it's totally unacceptable!

sue berkata...

sgt tak seswaiii!!


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