Selasa, 4 Mei 2010

Mei's May Tai Contest!

Brought by Mei's Mei Tai

Would you like win your very own CUSTOM MADE Mei’s Mei Tai for FREE??To celebrate the month of May = Mei we shall have our very first contest, yeay! ..

Oh yesss!memang sesuai bangat contest ni dgn aku weh!!Memang tgh survey Mei tai dan SSC..

Ok let's see the prizes!


Grand prize:

Your very own Custom Made Mei’s Mei Tai!

2 lucky finalist

40% Mei’s Mei Tai discount vouchers (applicable for custom made mei tai only)

Facebook Fan Deal:If we hit 1000 fan by the deadline; 20% discount on all Custom Made/Instock Mei’s Mei Tai for all for orders made between the month of May ~ July 2010.

What you need to do:

  1. Choose your Mei Tai strap from our strap color selection available in our gallery.
  2. Design you Mei Tai panel using any fabrics in our panel/hood gallery or shambijoux store (**couldnt find what you like? fabric not listed? email us, we might be able to help)
  3. Design your own Mei Tai hood, (options: reversible/non reversible, hoodie/normal hood, mesh hood). Fabric maybe the same as the panel, or other matching design.
  4. Give your Mei Tai a name.
  5. Tell us why you should be the lucky winner through your blog/twitter/facebook that link back to us (
  6. Email to us with the subject: (Contest; *your mei tai’s name*):
  • Your Mei Tai design (no we don’t ask you to draw :p) just email to us ( your fabric selection & how you want the Mei Tai to be.
  • The link to your blog/twitter/Facebook

*Multiple entries allowed but, each entry cannot have the same reason why you should win the Custom Made Mei’s Mei Tai. Please send one email per submission.

(Answer ot Question 5.)Why I should win?(Kenapa aku patut menang?)

I want to win a Mei's Baby Carrier CUSTOM MADE Mei’s Mei Tai for FREE because I want my precious baby to be close at my heart as possible and I want her to feel like in mama's tummy :).Plus I want to be proud to wear my first custom made Mei Tai of elegant fabric for the body panel and hood, made by Mei's Mei Tai, here and there.In my whereabout now, Kluang, babywearing with Mei Tai ,SSC and Ring Sling is quite new because most parent use the carrier that can be bought in supermarkets.If I win, it would also be a promotion for custom made Mei Tais and other babywearings!

(For task no 4.Give your Mei Tai a name):

The name for this design I chose is Dayana Adriane's Song (Dayana is a part of my daughter's name: means bravery and Adriane is a part of a butterfly species name:Adriane merione ,Song means the butterfly patterns I chose symbolised a story about her journey from little butterfly nymph(baby) to become a beautiful adult butterfly.)

Together the name combination means that I want my baby to be strong and brave when she spread her wings like a butterfly toward adulthood, and in the mean time while she is still a baby & child,she is under a spread of mama's wings.. :)

Submission must reach us before 1st May 2010.

EXTENDED!! new submission date is on Mother’s Day 9th May 2010.

The requirement:

We made it easy! Just become our fan on facebook and shout about this contest!

How we select the winner:

We will select the winner base on the most creative design + the reason why you should win the mei tai :)

Winner to be announced on 18th May 2010 (Mei's wedding anniversary :P )

Jom join ramai2, sempat lagi nih!

6 ulasan:

Miss Q berkata...

hoesh. teruja eden tapi xda masa nak buat!! (T_T)

ezan berkata...

good luck catlina...

Anje a.k.a Mama_Aqish berkata...

cayok2...moga murah rezeki

CatlinaFly berkata...

qas: sempat lagi ni..senang je, cuma pilih fabric ikut langkah2 yang tokey MEi's Mei Tai tu dan mengarang sikit kenapa patut menang :)

CatlinaFly berkata...

ezan: hoho ramai gak yang masuk ni ezan..tak taulah terpilih ke tak

CatlinaFly berkata...

mama aqish: tulah..nak tgk lady luck ade tak sebelah sy ni hehehe


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