Selasa, 16 November 2010

Hadiah-hadiah Contest Beautiful Mom-to-be revealed!

Kategori A(Contest Bergambar)

Grand Prize(worth RM120.00)
1 x 20pages, 8x 6 inches photobook by KedaiGambarKami

2 x First Prize ( Worth RM90.00)
Natural Parenting Guidebook & complimentary cloth wipes by The Honeybunch Marketplace


1 set of cap & hairband (by AiVee Emart)


1 Coloria Stroller Toy(by AiVee Emart)

1 x Second Prize( Worth RM70.00)
1 Cars Bagpack & 1 Soft toy by Stylobbuble

Kategori B ( Lucky Draw)- 2 winners ( worth RM63.00)
1 x Bodyshop lipbalm(worth RM24.00) by Catlina


1 x Bodyshop lotion( worth RM39.00) by Catlina

1 x Top referrer (worth RM24.00)
3 pcs Butterflies box by AiVee Emart

Good Luck!

Nak cepat punye pasal, gmbr2 hadiah pun susun gitu2 je..insya Allah bila dah umum pemenang, ku susun elok2 semua gmbr2 ni keh....:)

Terima kasih kepada semua penaja!

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