Khamis, 10 Mac 2011

Announcement!Jom join New Year Giveaway Part 2 by KedaiGambarKami (updated rules and regulations, and dateline forwarded to 10 March 2011!)

Hadiah bernilai RM1k!Jom sertai!Mom-to-be & couples can join!!!

Klik sini: New Year Giveaway Part 2 by KedaiGambarKami

Giveaway ini berlangsung dari hari ini(1 Feb) hingga 10 March 2011.

2 ulasan:

Treat and Trick berkata...

Salam Cat, bestny GA! Ni kak bawakan fruit slice utk dicuba, kalau tak sedap bagitau kak ya...

CatlinaFly berkata...

hehehe tq kak..jom ler join GA sy ni..ape lagi jom jom!


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