Sabtu, 21 April 2012

Happy Hour Saturday di Catwalk Moms N Bebe Shop!until 12 midnight only!

8am until 12 midnight(payment must be made within 24hrs of booking, item will be posted on Tuesday)

Forever Love Milk Storage Bottles by Little Caliph Heaven

Normal Price

10 Bottles : RM 36.00
20 Bottles : RM70.00

Happy hour price:~

10 bottles : RM33.50
20 bottles : RM67.00

10 bottles -RM7.00(Peninsular),RM10.00(S&S)
20 bottles - RM 10.00(Peninsular), RM14.00 (S&S)

klik gambar utk ke link fb Catwalk Moms N Bebe Shop

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